Club: Touch Football - New Farm Park
State: QLD
Sport: Touch Football

Phone: 0409 323 412

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Every Sunday. 430 PM (Oct to March). 4 PM start April to September
Social mixed touch rugby - Very friendly bunch we are, you get a good run I assure you!
This will be a slightly slower paced game so this will be more aimed at the social side of things, a bit slower and ideal for beginners who want an introduction to touch rugby.

Proper touch rules apply - but don't worry you don't need to know them - we'll explain it as we go!
Some basic points below - I don't expect anyone to regurgitate the rules, especially on their first time of coming along.

Take your own responsibility for safety. This is just a small group of mates playing touch football; not taking any responsibility for your safety. There is no insurance. Safety first and you are responsible for all your actions.
That's about it - anything more will be explained - Have fun!
Play in Sneakers or Barefoot only
On Every Sunday
We may have coffee at Cafe 63 while rain storms pass by

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