Naarm (Melbourne)'s ClimbingQTs since their inception have strived to create an open and safe space for everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community. From building partnerships, providing eduction on LGBTQIA+ issues & language and working with sport climbing's peak body on an inclusive category for the sport that includes people of all gender identities, they show no time of slowing down any time soon.

ClimbingQTs have now launched TransQTs, a peer support group for Trans and gender diverse people. TransQTs states that the program is for everyone who identifies as trans or gender diverse, regardless of their body, shape, fitness ability, age or size. TGD climbers involved with ClimbingQTs for more than one year can apply to be partnered with a new TGD climber.  New climbers also have the option to be included in a social group including their peers to provide support and advice.

When the current lockdown ends in Melbourne, new TransQT's climbers will be able to build their skills through weekly climbs, monthly education workshops and social events. At the end of the program, the chance to climb in the great outdoors and an overnight camp awaits - something that sounds great right now while in lockdown.

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