Pride in Sport are celebrating International Non-Binary Peoples Day on July 14th by bringing together a panel "Addressing the Stigma & Inequity that Gender Non-Conforming People Face Within Sport". The panel will focus on the current restrictions faced by non-binary people competing in sports and developing strategies & initiatives to make sport more inclusive for everyone.

The panel will be led by Beau Newell, Pride in Sport's National Program Manager and feature a panel of guest experts including

- Cr Jane Russo, Transcend Australia’s SA Representative and Chair of Athletics SA

- Aaron Lucas, 2019 Australian LGBTQ Inclusive Coach of the Year

- Ro Allen, Victorian Gender & Sexuality Commissioner

- Merrilee Barnes, Director of Inclusive Sport - Sport Australia

To register your interest in this great workshop and build towards a more inclusive sporting community, register your interest at the below link to attend.