Perth's Loton Park Tennis Club this week celebrates 25 years since their first gay open day. Celebrated on October 3rd, Loton Park will be welcoming both existing and new Tennis players to give the game a shot and make some new friends.

Loton Park Tennis club has existed since 1916 when the City of Perth purchased the land off the clubs namesake, Sir William Loton. Tennis was vastly popular among Perth's upper class and wealthy and the club rapidly expanded, adding more courts and growing in numbers. Since then, the club has went from strength to strength adopting it's inclusive stance in 1995 stating "Diversity is our advantage."

If you're interested in checking out Loton Park Tennis Club, they're located on the Corner of Lord & Bulwer Street in Perth. If you're up for a hit, the Tennis starts from 1.00pm followed by an afternoon tea at 3.00pm.