Club: Melbourne Chargers
Sport: Rugby Union
Founded: 2009

State: VIC



Season Start/End: 25 March to 15 September


The Melbourne Chargers were formed in 2009, with the purpose of creating a rugby team where new players could learn the game in an accepting environment, and returning players who had left the sport because of their sexuality could play openly.

We aim to contribute to the promotion and development of the sport of Rugby Union in Victoria and to provide a new and diverse social opportunity for same-sex attracted people and their allies.

New Participant Programs:

You will be challenged to push yourself harder than you’ve been pushed before, both physically and mentally. From taking a hard tackle, to scoring a try, to celebrating a win with your teammates, we guarantee that you will find it as addictive as it is tough.

We are here to help you no matter what your experience, chat with us right now by clicking the Messenger icon, or tell us a little more about yourself using the form (both found here: and our recruitment team will be in touch.

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