In the coming weeks, Josh Gosse lines up for his first tournament with the Melbourne Wranglers, as he prepares he sat down with us and reflected on his journey so far. After playing rugby for a number of years in NZ, Josh arrived in Australia in late August, 2017 and promptly found Melbourne’s very own Melbourne Chargers to continue his love of the sport. As the following offseason hit in September 2018, Josh needed a new challenge to keep him fit and competitive. Searching for a sport that would require a new skill set, but also compliment his rugby skills, Josh found the Melbourne Wranglers – the home of fully inclusive freestyle wrestling in Melbourne.

“After the rugby season ended, I wanted to try something new and fresh – but also something that could compliment my tackling as well. Melbourne Wranglers seemed like a good fit” Josh says

Josh goes on to describe how the Wranglers welcomed him with open arms and appreciated the diversity of the club – different genders, sexualities, ethnicities and sizes were all visible and brought together with their passion for wrestling. Everyone had strengths – while Josh cast an imposing shadow with his 6’4” frame he simply didn’t have the speed or flexibility to counter much smaller, nimble opponents. To hone his skills, Josh welcomed the extra time senior members and coaches would put in to development – not only towards building the community but with focus spent on his skills, enabling him to feel confident in technique in a safe environment.

“A lot of what I have been learning is really starting to come together now, I’m starting to feel a flow in my wrestling abilities. What the coaches have taught over the last year is making sense”

Under the guidance of the Wrangler’s team and the commitment Josh had put in to developing his technique, he was approached with an opportunity to compete in an official competition. The competition will be Josh’s first chance to put that time, effort and support to the test and hopefully, come out with a win. Josh’s personal goals are just to make it through to the end of the competition and continue the cycle of learning and practicing to become a better wrestler. With that knowledge – he hopes to compete in a tournament against Sydney just before Mardi Gras.

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