Club: Shuttle Swingers
State: NSW
Sport: Badminton
Founded: 2019


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If you used to play badminton or are looking to give it a go, or perhaps you’re looking to reignite your childhood love affair with badminton, then we’d love you to join us. For the absolute beginner to the more advanced players, we started this group to increase the participation of women (LGBTIQ+ inclusive) in badminton. Our goal is to create an inclusive, friendly and social environment where players can connect and nurture each other to progress or achieve their personal goals.

This is the perfect way to start out swinging (and missing)

There’s plenty of ‘used to play’ players who will probably find their form in no time. This is your perfect opportunity to start getting those smashes, drop shots and overheads perfected.

You know you used to be that good, and there are always advanced players floating around who will keep you in good shape and help you practice your shots for the upcoming tournament.

Shuttle Swingers aims to be one of Sydney's premiere LGBTIQ+ women's badminton group where women can meet new people in an active and social space. For those seeking more regular and advanced play, you'll also have the opportunity to play with our fellow LGBTIQ+ badminton groups.

Come on your own or find a friend you can drag out. We’d love to welcome and invite you to attend one of our fun badminton socials.Our socials are held on the first Tuesday of each month alongside our fellow HOT SHOTS LGBTIQ + badminton group in Tempe.

This group was founded by two friends - Sandra Lie and Celeste Chai. We all thought it was about time, a regular social women’s group was formed and so ‘SHUTTLE SWINGERS’ was born!