Club: Sydney Convicts
State: NSW
Sport: Rugby
Founded: 2004


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The Convicts are proud members of the LGBTI community & more broadly the Rugby community of NSW. Together with our partners at ACON we have worked to grow the conversation around anti-homophobia in sport, and been involved in creating real change for our community. We also support ACON here in Sydney with their goal of Ending HIV by 2020. On the back of Bingham 2014 with the support of the Australian Sports Commission the Convicts launched an Anti-Homophobia & Inclusion Framework for Australian Sports. A framework document designed to combat discrimination against LGBTI people in sport. The Convicts also headed up the Out on The Fields survey, the first international study on homophobia in Sport. The Sydney Convicts accept players of ages 18 and above and all skill sets. Regardless of how often you’ve picked up a rugby ball, the Convicts are welcoming club that caters for everyone.

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