The Sydney Rangers FC kick off Winter season after 3 months of lockdown. The season kicks off with the Div 13 Rangers team coming up against Earlwood at 12.30PM Saturday at Blick Oval in Canterbury. Two other Rangers games follow at 2.30PM and 4.30PM with the Div 9 Rangers taking on Concord followed by Div 1 Rangers kicking off the season against Earlwood.

If you can't make it to Canterbury, get along to Marrickville to watch the Div 2 and Div 6 Over-35s squad battle it out with Marrickville at 1PM and 3PM respectively.

Check out the schedule below and show your (responsible and socially distanced) support this weekend!

Blick Oval
12.30 - Rangers Div 13 vs Earlwood
14.30 - Rangers Div 9 vs Concord
16.30 - Rangers Div 1 vs Earlwood

Mackey Park Pitch 2
13.00 - Rangers O35 Div 2 vs Marrickville

Steel Park Pitch 1
15.00 - Rangers 035 Div 6 vs Marrickville

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