As sports start to ramp up across the country, we have a few more teams included in this weeks wrap up. Congratulations to all teams win or lose - just getting out there is a win!

Perth Hornets

The Perth Hornets AFL club battled it out with other Perth teams in a Volleyball tournament brought together by Perth Pythons. Those marking and handballing skills must translate decently to Volleyball!

The Flying Bats

Div 1 lost 3-0 to Epping FC.

Div 4 lost 5-1 to West Ryde Rovers.

Div 7 lost 3-1 against Macquarie Uni.

O/30s Red won 3-0 against West Ryde Rovers Blue.

Over 30s black's opponents, West Ryde Rovers forfeited.

Bentstix Hockey Club


Div 2 win

Div 3 loss

Div 4 draw


SL5 1-0 win

Sydney Convicts

Firsts: 27-17 win

Seconds: 0-21 loss

Sydney Rangers

Div 1: 0-1 loss
Div 9: 4-1 win
Div 13: 2-4 loss  
Div 14: 1-1 draw
Goldens: 1-1 draw
Silvers: 1-4 loss